How to Apply: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions about your application profile, documents required to apply, and how to check the status of your application. 

Application Assistance

Can I apply on my phone or tablet?

You can access on your mobile device and browse for open positions, but you cannot currently apply using that device as our system works best from a computer. If you click ”Apply” you will receive an email notification with a link to the job you selected and you can then apply using your computer.

I forgot my username and password

Click on the “forgot password” link inside the box for a new temporary password to be sent to your email.

How do I save data on my application as I go through the application process?

You can save your application anytime by clicking on the “Save” button at the bottom of the application. This will only save your information - you must click “Submit” to send your application for review.

If I do not finish my application, can I save it and complete it later?

Yes. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the application to save the information you have entered. If you close your browser before saving the information that you have entered, you will be prompted to save before leaving the page.

Do I need to create an entirely new application for each job posting?

Yes, each position requires a unique application. Once you have created a Profile you will use that as your starting point for all new applications. You can change the resume and other documents as needed on each application.

How do I know if my application was received?

When your application has been successfully received you will get an email notification to the email address saved in your Profile. If you do not get this email, make sure your email address is correct and your application has been “submitted” versus “saved.”

How do I apply if I don't have a computer?

If you don’t have a computer and can’t access one using your local library or job services center, computers are available in Human Resources Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Stop by and use one of our lobby computers to set up your Profile, apply for a job or check on the status of your application. 

My email address changed. How do I update my username?

You cannot change a username, but you CAN change your notification email address where notifications are sent. Log into your Profile (using the original email address) and change the email in your Profile. This DOES NOT reset your login email - only your notification email.

Can I change my application or attachments once it has been submitted?

You will not be able to make any changes to your application once it has been sent to review by the hiring manager or search committee. Any changes or additional attachments must be included before the application is submitted. It can only be modified if still in the “new” status. Additionally, UC will not accept more than one application from the same applicant for any job posting.

If I meet the minimum qualifications for the job, will I be guaranteed an interview?

Meeting minimum qualifications does not guarantee an interview. A decision to move an applicant forward in the process is based on a variety of qualifications, including those stated in the job posting, as well as the minimums.

I'm not able to submit my resume, what is wrong?

Review your application from top to bottom and make sure you have filled in all the fields with a red asterisk *.

Can I withdraw my application after I have submitted it?

Yes. Log into your Profile and go to “Job Management.” Choose the application you wish to withdraw from and select “edit.”

Can I withdraw my application after I have submitted it?

Log in to your Profile and go to the Options tabs (top right of your screen) and then choose "Delete Profile."